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Beitrag Titel: Order of Elite Games [OEG]
Verfasst am: 24.10.05 19:51
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Order of Elite-Games

In summer of the 2003rd year EG-Freelancer pilots decided to establish an organization, which would become a living picture of unity, honour, dignity and power of Elite-Games pilots. It was decided to name the organization “The Battle Order of EG Pilots”. On the 5th of august, 2003 Elfree proclaimed the first service regulations of the Order, and this day is considered to be the official day of it’s foundation.
The Order is already more than two years old, but its Spirit and Unity remain the same.

Order of Elite-Games is the Battle Order of EG Pilots.
Pilots, who desire to join the Order, must understand that in spite of rights and benefits they will have duties and limitations. Each member of the Order can find the most suitable occupation for himself and occupy a fitting for him post in the ranks of our organization. In the Order the interests of the organization as a whole are raised above all.

Pilots of the Order are not allowed:
· To be in other clans or attack other OEG members.
· To act meanly and abusively to other players.
· To use cheats.
· To extort money.
· To use batteries and nanobots in combat (transports and capital ships are exclusion).
· To use F1 escape in combat.

Spelling of tags:
[OEG]nickname[Recruit] - Junior lieutenant
[OEG] nickname [M-X] - Lieutenant
[OEG] nickname [M-IX] - Senior lieutenant
[OEG] nickname [M-VIII] - Lieutenant commander
[OEG] nickname [M-VII] - Commander
[OEG] nickname [M-VI] - Captain
[OEG] nickname [M-V] - Commodore
[OEG] nickname [M-IV] - Rear-admiral
[OEG] nickname [M-III] - Vice-admiral
[OEG] nickname [M-II] - Admiral
[OEG] nickname [M-I] - The Admiral of the Fleet
The M letter corresponds to the Military department, the C letter - to the Civil department , the D letter - to the Diplomatic department. The [Recruit] and the [Instructor] tags correspond to the Academic department.

Active OEG-clanmembers in Freelancer:

* The Admiral of the Fleet — Hans Gugensolder
* Admiral — KOVAD
* Vice-admiral — Gudrun
* Commodore — Dameron
* Commodore — Vitalii
* Captain — DeadheaD
* Captain — Gorynych
* Captain — rockets
* Commander — Alex
* Commander — BurstMox
* Commander — Flasher
* Commander — Ink
* Commander — NiKto
* Commander — Songo
* Lieutenant commander — Dimond
* Lieutenant commander — Mamay
* Lieutenant commander — NeoRF
* Lieutenant commander — Timych
* Senior lieutenant — AKELLO
* Senior lieutenant — Shemmy
* Senior lieutenant — Vendetta
* Lieutenant — BombeR
* Lieutenant — Eldorado
* Lieutenant — Firebird
* Lieutenant — Neo
* Lieutenant — ninja12
* Lieutenant — Rem
* Lieutenant — Reskator
* Lieutenant — Star
* Junior lieutenant — *eL
* Junior lieutenant — Bear
* Junior lieutenant — Donnie~
* Junior lieutenant — Fiery
* Junior lieutenant — Risellan
* Junior lieutenant — S.O.A.D
* Junior lieutenant — vintorez

OEG Diplomate: Gudrun, Inkvizitor, Gorynych.

Full version here:
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