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Beitrag Titel: Introducing Sirius Liberation Figthers [SLF]
Verfasst am: 25.05.06 22:56
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Hello everybody.

Sirius Liberation Figthers is a Freelancer Clan which was founded on Andromeda in 2003.
Back in those days we had a membercount of more then 40 and a membercount peak of 66.
Over the last years our number of loyal and dedicated members is steady about 15.
Some play frequently some play a little less. All are friends.

Many members have been in the clan for more than 2 years. Several even have returned after a period of absence.
SLF is led by a council of die-hard members who have earned their place in time, with Korben as chairman.
You can recognize council members by the * after the [SLF] tag.
Any questions or issues can be discussed with any of them.

All our members, be it fleet or council, share the same feelings about this game.
Even though we like to figth fierce battles in RPG and like to play it rough in game,
we respect all freelancers and members of other clans, be it friend or foe.
This is the only way this great game is kept alive.
I guess that's why we still exist.

SLF is made up mostly out of english speaking members, but several speak German and some of them live in Germany.

After our beloved Andromeda, may it's memory never fade, closed in 2004, we migrated to Jolt were we have spent 1 1/2 years, loving every minute of it.

Our members thougth it was time for a new challange, and many agreed HC would be the please to start fresh.

Our goals on HC are to establish a significant presence on the server, get our clan a RPG rep,
get our clan a base and maybe claim a system or two.

We will respect the server rules and all players. If we sometimes make mistakes, please let us know, so we can learn from them.

We hope to make many friends and allies on HC and invite our future enemies to burn and die in flames (RP speaking).

Cu in space.

Visit our homepage on www.slfhq.net and getto know us.

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-= SLF Fleet =-
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