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Beitrag Titel: colony news service.
Verfasst am: 07.06.06 11:22
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Part 1:

Besides, there are bigger sun eruptions above the surface of the enormous fireballs. The appearing sun winds do
massively interfere the communication possibilities and strongly limit the long distance sensors..
Therefore the planetary defence network is also weakened in Berlin system. But the secret radio stations in the
Liberty sector reported increased naval movements, first of all, however, spy units were sent out in direction of the limited systems.

What happened there could not be found out yet. The Rheinland military will try to find out what is going on there and has
announced that increased alert status exists. As a countermove, spy activities have been increased in Liberty space, to get
more informations

colony news service.

Part 2:

The Rheinland military has announced new things, concerning the spy attempts in Berlin system.
Latest reports to follow, they discovered that it is industrial espionage. The food manufacturer from
Liberty - Synth Food - has supply problems because of the growing population.The latest technology
to produce purely artificially food on New Berlin was tested successfully for the first time.No side
effects were stated and so we have tried to find out more about this method, reports a press
spokesman of the research department.

However, it does not keep to it, even confidential weapon technologies should have been stolen.
Further details, will follow within the next days.

colony news service.

Part 3:

Indeed, these were confidential weapon technologies which were stolen, according to a press spokesman
on the battleship "Westphalia". What kind of weapons exactly, was also not reported here. However, for
the military it was a warlike act and they will react on it. The situation is very critically and and the first combat
units from Rheinland were equipped with ammunition and crew. They moved in strike position.

A few minutes ago a flash report has reached us: The first fleets of combat ships are heading towards the near
Liberty systems. ... to all pilots outside there, we wish you luck ... Rheinland declares war on Liberty!

colonie news service

ps: Event: http://www.freelancerserver.de/v2/topic,8715.html

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