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financial_expert_bronze rpgchar urgestein_gold

Playtime: 182h

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Beitrag Titel: Insulting other players
Verfasst am: 02.12.05 02:07
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As I know, insulting other players is bannable offence on Hamburg City server, so the player:
today used offencive words on my and on my team adress:
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financial_expert_bronze basefinder_gold jumpholefinder_gold rpgchar

RPG-Beratung & More
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Beitrag Titel:
Verfasst am: 02.12.05 02:20
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You would be pissed to, if someone kill you all the time, if you trie to dock ...

@Kirk, Nicki oda ka wem, war dabei und war halt nur dieses Fucking Assholes, naja, meiner meinung nach nichts schlimmes und er wurde halt die ganze zeit daran gehindert, auf Crete zudocken, da können einem Grünschnabel schonmal die Sicherungen hobs gehen

Die Dummheiten wechseln, doch die Dummheit bleibt.

-Erich Kästner

Ich zeichne einen Kreis wo r=0 ist.

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Wohnort: Moscow

Beitrag Titel:
Verfasst am: 02.12.05 10:58
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Well can for you a word such as "asshole" are normal and habitual. But personally in OEG some girls fly. In UFO too. And in other clans too. If not can respect other men respect even girls. And I do not accuse particularly someone, I do not share pilots on nationalities or other attributes. For me there are only two groups of pilots - good guys and bad mad fools who spoiling game. Recently bad guys began to cross the legal feature. Requests and words any more do not help. Before we never transferred decisions of a problem of game to a real life and never it wanted. But it seems now only a pair of the bruises, the broken noses and the lost teeth can force to respect some pilots us. And it is a pity, it is only game
I flied long time with people such as Hitano. Only people to name them it is impossible. I can show many screens with insulting phrases in Russian and even I can translate them all. Also believe, I shall translate all as is without lie. We certainly too not angels, but us compel to be such. Only we simply kill in game, and they cannot well fly and only speak any bosh.
In general if it is pleasant to you that you are offended with any mad people from Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, from all Earth it is your problems. I the normal person also think normal that I do not like such relation.

PS Specially for bad guys
If you think, that after all words that you will write sitting for a computer of you never will punish for them, you deeply are mistaken.At us it is a lot of friends - pilots from all Earth and they as well as we, shall protect the interests and interests of the friends.
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Chief Petty Officer

time_bandit_bronze basefinder_bronze rpgchar financial_supporter

kreuz_gold budgie
Paranoia Admin
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Wohnort: Bochum

Beitrag Titel:
Verfasst am: 02.12.05 15:20
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Surely no nice words. I think this time is a warning enough for him.
Next time ---> Ban !

Please report, if this pilot will use insulting word again, thx. Wink
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