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Lordadmiral Drake
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Beitrag Titel: Dark Omen - By Lordadmiral Drake
Verfasst am: 26.09.09 07:21
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Dark Omen

Personal Log: Lordadmiral Jonathan Drake, 24.8.1124 A.S.
Today it is 7 years since the war with the Mrrshan empire have ended. Seems to be continual cycle. Times of war follow times of peace. Again and again and again. Well, compared to whad we had been through before this one was little more that a skirmish.
Anyway, currently we are in Orbit around Toledo, waiting for Commodore Kronos. We are transporting supplies to the construction site on the planet Horegon II where a deep space outpost is under construction, right at the border of Mrrshan space.
But there is more. Unknowen ships have been detected at our borders for weeks, especially in that area. But noone has ever gotten to see one of these ships. We know only one thing. Their engine signatures are totally different from everything of Orthos' database and if doesn´t know them, noone does.
End of entry.

Suddenly the intercom beeped.

"Drake here," I answered.

"Sir, Kronos has arrived. He wants to speak to you."

"I´m coming up to the bridge, Drake out."

I deactivated the intercome and went to the nearest turbolift. I was curious what my old friend Kronos had to say. We were friends since he has been found in an old shipwreck in cryostasis.
Then I entered the bridge.

"Sir, Kronos is on the line." That was Karon, the captain.

I nodded to him: "On screen".

Kronos face appeared on the main viewscreen, typical as allways, with many scars and a big beard.

"I sorry to let you wait Drake, I had a bit of a holdup. Damn bureaucracy, makes you crazy."

"But I don´t think this is the reason for your delay, is it."

"Yeah. I had reports of mysterious ships near the ISU homesystem. You understand that I had to do some investigations."

"Sure. But now let's get going, they are waiting for our cargo. You can tell me everything when we are at Horegon."

"Whatever you say," Kronos smiled, "Linking up on your nav."

His face disappeared from the screen which now showed his ship coming alongside.

"Course to Horegon system lay in, Sir," added my nav officer.

Then the Hypercom beeped.

"OCS Xentor H, this Toledo space control. You have clearance to leave the system. Good flight."

That was just an automatical reply to the ships automatic request for clearance. Very practical, saves a lot of time. Another reduction of the "damn bureaucracy", as Kronos calls it.

The two ship shore out of orbit, passing the Nile shipyards and the Toledo planetary defense ring.
Then they entered hyperspace and headed for the Horegon system....
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Lordadmiral Drake
Petty Officer

financial_expert_bronze jumpholefinder_bronze

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Chapter 1 - Premonitions

After 40 minutes of flight the Kronos and the Xentor fell out of hyperspace just outside Horegon V's orbit continuing their flight with sublight speed. There wasn't much traffic in the system but it was a general rule that use of translight engines inside a system is only allowed under emergency conditions. As they passed Horegon IV space control called in:

"This is Horegon space control. We've allready been waiting for your delivery. You have clearance for landing pad 1-A and 1-B. Over."

"Thanks space control, Xentor out."

Drake looked up to the main screen where Kronos was displayed.

"You heard them, Kronos, let's head down."

He nodded. "Yes, Sire. I want that cargo off my ship. I´ll feel much better when these fusion charges are offloaded. Kronos out."

The screen went black. The two ships approached Horegon II and landed just in front of the main complex of the new station. This wasn't just some outpost. Horegon II was a full scale ground base with large repair docks.
Drake went to the turbolift to reach the airlock on deck 38 to leave the ship.
Kronos stayed on his ship. He would leave as soon as his cargo had been offloaded to head back to the ISU homebase. Drake entered the entrance hall and asked for the CICs office. At least he wanted it because the CIC was just walking up to him.

"Ah, Mercant. I just wanted to ask for you. Good to see you."

"Hello Drake. I've got to talk to you, it's important."

"Ok, I'm listening."

"Not here, let's go to my office."

Mercant turned around and walked to the turbolift at the far side of the hall, Drake followed him. The lift stopped 5 floors below ground. As they entered the office Mercant locked it and initiated a security protocol. Drake was wondering:

"Why all this secrecy Allan? Is it that important?"

"Important it is, indeed, but that isn't the point. I don't want anyone else to know, at least not now. That would create quite a shakeup."

"So what's the news?"

"Well, you know about that strange ships we can't get a hand on? Good. So this is it: 3 days ago a deep space patrol finally got a view of them. But soon after they reported this to us we lost contact and not much later some deep space sensor arrays went silent. I sent more ships to investigate this."

Mercant opened a drawer of his desk and took out a piece of metal. It was twisted and burned, but Drake immediately identified it as a piece of standard tritanium armor plating as it was commonly used by all human forces.

"That's all they found," Mercant added, "Incredible, isn't it?"

"Well, it's impressive, I give you that. It requires quite a lot ofe brutal force to do that to tritanium. Did you analyze it?"

"Of course, I had my best experts working on it. But the couldn't come up with anything useful. I wanted to tell you before you left, but we encountered unexpected interference when trying to reach the comm relay."

"What about the info from the patrol wing?"

"Well, there was some disturbance but it was good enough for analysis. The info about the alien ships is scarce but clear. But now the bad news: They don't fit into any known pattern. These ship types are not in our database. Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah. We're facing a new enemy that we know allmost nothing about."

"Correct. That can really shake one up. You know what, Drake? I could use a drink on this one. The bar has opened just yesterday."

"Ok, let's go. I'll take the news to the council when I'm going back. And this thing here to Lambda Research. Maybe they can find anything out there."

So they left and headed for the Arius, the new bar. It was located on the top floor and had large glass walls so you had a beautiful view on the surrounding area. Drake and Mercant walked up to the barkeeper.

"A Sidewinders Fang please," he turned round to Mercant, "What do you want?"

"A Scotch please."

The barkeeper nodded. "A Sidewinders Fang and a Scotch. Very well."

While he was busy getting the drinks Mercant got close to Drake and whispered to him:

"Drake, I'd feel better if I had more ships around here, but I also dont't want to make the people afraid. What do you suggest?"

"Well, we could put them near Horegon V. Even from there the should get here fast enough in case of a surprise attack."

"Ok, I could live with that."

Mercant wanted to say more but the barkeeper was back with the drinks.

"Your drinks, gentlemen."

"Thanks, it's all on me," Drake said and gave him his card.

Drake and Mercant kept on talking while the cargo was still being offloaded.
They did't know that the enemy was close...

Meanwhile, 47 lightyears away, in the Lacarne system:
Aboard the deep space surveillance station DN-K84 the afternoon shift began. Commander Alan D. Foster walked onto the bridge. He was bored and felt tired although he had just slept for 10 hours. Nothing of importance had happened for months. Not even a dangerous asteroid passing by. He looked upon the viewscreen. It was currently displaying the system, the station orbiting the third planet and the various sensor relays across the system. With a sigh Alan sat down on his seat. But suddenly someone of the bridge crew called him:

"Foster, we've just lost contact with sensor relay 8."

"Maybe some interference or the link lost syncronisation."

"Negative. Sensors show no interference on these frequencies. I've tried everything to reconnect, but no response."

"Well that is strange. Did you recieve any strange readings before?"

"No, Sir. Just a slight increase in tachyon radiation intensity, but it was minimal. The change was within normal fluctuations. But I�ll check the recordings."

He paused, scanning through the sensor recordings. Then he found something.

"I think i found something. There have been several tachyon radiaton fluctuations recently. All within normal range in intensity. But the number has drastically increased and they are much shorter than normally."

"Hmm. Cloaking devices emitt tachyon radiation. But their output is much higher and continous. Maybe it has something to do with those ship that have been detected several times before but never been sighted. Hmm, if I ain't all wrong Horegon II is the nearest station. I think we should contact them. Carlson, open a com channel to Allan Mercant on Horegon II."

"Aye, sir. Outpost Horegon II, this is DN-K84, please reply."

"Here Horegon II, what's your wish."

"I need a direct channel to commander Allan Mercant. That's an priority 1 issue."

"Understood, DN-K84. I'll redirect you."

Suddenly, the other one called again:

"Foster, we've just lost contact with sensor relays 3 and 6. Same pattern as before."

"That's bad. Send out a cloaked scout to the positions of the silent relays."
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Lordadmiral Drake
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Back in the Horegon II Bar:

"Mr. Mercant, there's a call for you in your office. Priority 1."

"Thanks, I'll be right there. Drake, you better come with me, must be some important info."

"Right behind you Allan."

Drake and Mercant ran to the turbolift.

"Basement level 5, CIC office"

Shortly later the lift stopped right in front of the office and the two rushed in. Mercant hit the intercom:

"Commodore Mercant here."

"This is Commander Foster from DN-K84. We've lost several of our sensor satellites under mysterious circumstances. Everytime we picked up strange tachyon impulses shortly before. I just sent out some cloaked scout ships to the satellite locations."

"Any sign of those mysterious ships?"

"Maybe the impulses, i don't know. I'll wait now for infos from the scouts."

"Ok, call whenever you get new data."

"Will do. Foster out."

His image vanished from the screen and the two looked at each other. Then Mercant broke the silence:

"What shall we do now?" But he looked if he allready knew the answer.

"We're waiting here. There's nothing we can do at this time. And I'm not risking the Xentor over some speculations."
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nice story Big top

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