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Beitrag Titel: The shortest surprise attack
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The evening had just begun when the first signals came in. Most of the transmission was garbled, but it was clear it was directed to the Honshu system from afar.

Commander FireRageNL aka Ducky hurried towards the communications center at Andromeda. Minutes ago all communication with the Fearsome Secret was lost. He expected it to be a minor power surge in the com system, but now things seemed far worse.

Static noise filled the room but there was an unmistakable call for help - "... inco... enemy fight... Unable to ... questing backup ..."
"Contact Battleship Arrakis immediately", Ducky ordered the communications officer.
"Aye Sir, what do I tell them?"
"Tell them to summon the rest of the Foxhound Squad and any people they can miss for a recon mission to Omicron Alpha"

Within minutes four pilots - Junior Lieutenant D@rk, Commander qqq, Commander FireRageNL and Vice-Admiral Squig - were en route to Omicron Alpha. It had been some time since an actual recon mission to Omicron Alpha took place, mainly due to the aggressive environment there.
Ever since the WOLFS clan extended Pirate Coalition space towards Omicron Alpha by strategically placing their base there, more and more skirmishes as well as base sieges took place in the system. It seemed as if Omicron Gamma's reputation for the fierce and never-ending combat was now being challenged by the long untouched and lawless pirate system of Omicron Alpha.

As the recon wing entered Omicron Alpha, Squig attempted to contact the WOLFS base.
"Fearsome Secret, this is the SLF CO, do you copy?"
No reply.
"Fearsome Secret, we're approaching your location from Pirate Coalition space at 090, please confirm."
Still no response.

As the recon wing closed in on the station there were clear signs of combat. Many burns marked the station alongside collapsed hull plating showing Fearsome's interior, while other decks were patched up with shining new plating. The ship had clearly seen a lot of combat.
Oddly enough there was no sign of hostile pilots in the area. Occasional Freelance pilots snooping around were quickly chased off without exchange of fire.

All of a sudden the wing received a transmission on a secure channel.
"SLF support wing, thanks for coming. We were attacked by a few uSF and WP fighters. As a result our transmitter broke down although the receiver was functioning properly. We're badly damaged but holding together. We've had word from unspecified sources of an imminent attack by an unknown force. We'd appreciate if your wing could protect the base till we receicve reinforcements. The docking doors are finally working again after being jammed by a recent attack, so you're cleared to dock."
"Thank you Fearsome Secret", Squig replied "We won't let you down."

After receiving supplies the recon wing stood down in the Fearsome's vicinity. It was awefully quiet. Fewer Freelancers passed by the base. When Commander Ducky received new orders from Andromeda, the force wore down to three pilots. There was some chatting but the pilots were mainly nervouse as it seemed the calm before the storm was gradually passing over. Minor dogfights were practiced while the crew of the Fearsome Secret hastily repaired their damaged turrets.

"Inco! One Der Order fighter rapidly closing in!"
The Fearsome Secret sounded it's warning signals as their turrets were manned. The dogfight training was broken off as more and more red contacts showed up on long range radar.
"Five hostiles, Eight... Thirteen... About fifteen hostiles sighted!"
Only a few seconds had passed and Fearsome Secret was already taking hits. The force seemed unprepared but numerous. SLF fighters scrambled to pick off any fighters that got too close to the base.

As the first volley of Fearsome's guns was unleashed, several enemy fighters splashed open, fire shortly escaping their oxygen cockpits before spreading into the infinity of empty space. The rapid fire resembled the machine guns that were used long ago in ancient times. Hotile fighters that got too close for Fearsome's guns to reach were quickly taken down by the SLF fighters.

Within 30 seconds the surprise siege came to an end.
"The epicness of that suprise attack was only beaten by the utter failure it was!", qqq laughed.

Yet again the vicinity was quiet. No contact. No signs of life. As if nothing had happened within the last 30 seconds.

Just the glittering of the adjacent star and the scrap metal bumping into the ship's shields.
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