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Beitrag Titel: Server Mod, Questions
Verfasst am: 04.07.07 17:51
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I would like to know what modifications the server mod have, like these:

What new ships the mod introduce? Where can we buy them?
What new systems? Where are they?
What new base station? Where are they?
How many hours to the Wrecks be avaiable again? (with this i mean the weapons)
What new weapons

And those kind of things.
I tried to search for mod features topic but i cant find it.
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Verfasst am: 04.07.07 18:20
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Hello Bret Hart,

the information you request is spread all over the forum, but most of them can also be seen in the mod itself, as soon as it is imported into the mod manager.

Generally, there are features like Clan Reputations, Cloak Device, Nomad Systems, some special Systems accessible through Omicron Theta, additional transports of which the 400 payload transport can also dock at any base now. Furthermore, there are Clan Bases and Clan Battleships, which now can jump between systems and also can be used as mobile dock ramps. Finally, there are repair guns which can be mounted to ships to repair the base during enemy attacks.

More detailed Information can be found in the mod and in this forum.
Have fun and good flight,

Sir Dirk

Gods of Hellfire, Clanchef
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Verfasst am: 04.07.07 18:29
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- Clanbases:
* New Providence (uSF)
* Area51 (UFO)
* Cronos (OEG)
* Freeport 7.2 (Hдndlerallianz)
* FlyingTigers -=\Katzenkцrbchen/=-
* Purgatorium (GoH)
* Fearsome Secret (WOLFS)
* [KSK]~New Paradise
* Drachennest (TD)
* ANS Terra (TC Eagles)
* [Borg]-Kubus
* [O.I.A]~ Cocktailbar ~

- Hamburg City Base:
* Hamburg System, Sector ~5d

- Engine-Shop (at Hamburg City Base)

- Ships flyable:
* Enforcer (originally: Juni's Defender) Buy at HHC Liner
* Seth (improved Anubis, originally: The Order Ship) Buy in uknown planet Gamu
* Blood Dragon Buy in Chugoku Kyoto Base
* Armored Transport Buy in Freeport 1, 350 Cargo space
* CSV (Combat Service Vehicle) Buy in Tau-31, 300 Cargo space, best shield HHC liner
* Transport Buy in Tau-31 Planet Harris(same where CSV), 400 Cargo space
* Osiris (Clans only)
* Nomad Fighter (RPG only)
* Liberty Dreadnought (Event only)
* Liberty Cruiser (Event only)
* Rheinland Battleship (Event only)
* Rheinland Cruiser (Event only)

- Special Rheinland Ships with Cloaking Device:
* Valkyre Buy them in New Berling Hidden Forces Base
* Banshee
* Humpback

- Mining Zones & Blaster (dont know about that)
* in Hamburg System
* and in New Tokyo System

- Race System added
- Neutral Zone (PvP System) added

- New Weapons sold in Neutral Zone:
* Novabomb Launcher ~170k dmg
* Repair Turret +300 Hull

- Stations can be destroyed, they will lose all turrets
- Freighters drop their cargo to space at death

Wreks Restore from every server rr/crash.
Harder NPC, in missions they use Nanos+Shield Bats
You can buy Anubis in Omicron Minor (i think) planet Toledo
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