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Server Password:keins/none
Downloads: Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31 (for Mod installation)
-from HC Webserver
Required Mod: Hamburg City Server Mod (v4.1) !!! works only with Mod Manager 1.31 !!!
-from HC Webserver
HC Tools: HC Points Calculator (v1.0)
-from HC Webserver

Hamburg City Server Stats:

Server Map

Serverstatus: (11:49:01)
Server Name:>Hamburg City< 100% Freelancer
Serverstatistik: (01.02.17 05:05)
Server Load:
0 msec   History:
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Total Logins:26
Total Logouts:25
Failed Logins:0
Aborted Missions:0
Player deaths:0
Dynamic Economy Market Status: 1.082

Spieler Online: (11:49:01)
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