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 Should the Combat-Expert rank formula change? Nächstes Thema anzeigen
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Poll :: Should the Combat-Expert rank formula change?

Yes (please suggest a new formula)
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No (please state why)
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Beitrag Titel: Should the Combat-Expert rank formula change?
Verfasst am: 26.10.05 18:42
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One of the things I really love about this server is the feedback on gameplay you get.

Let's face it, once you have your dream ship and enough money in the bank to last a week of continuous PvP, there's not that much stuff left for you to do.

Sure -- you can join a clan and PvP, but if you're not into that either because of language barriers or personal circumstances (like me, for example: I won't join a clan, because I only play a few hours a week. I would make a lousy clan member), you end up with limited gameplay rewards.

Not on this server though -- you have the fantastic badges: the Finance-expert, the basefinder, jumphole finder. Not so sure about the time bandit, because that only shows how little life outside Freelancer you have Wink (20700 minutes = 345 hours. Assuming an eight hour "working" day, that's 43 days -- take away weekends, that's two months of continuous 9-5 gameplay) Granted, you could cheat and just leave yourself logged in overnight, but that's VERY lame.

HOWEVER, the Combat-Expert badge is just beyond the fun barrier. I love combat (check out my background if you don't believe me Smile ) -- I spend all my time either doing combat missions or PvP-ing. Having said that, there is NO WAY I will EVER qualify for the Combat-expert badge under the current rules, and this is why:

I can't kill transporters/freighters because I am a "good guy" and good guys don't do these things. So to get the bronze badge (level 22), I have to kill either

11,000 fighters           (22 * 1000 / 2)
 5,500 battleships        (22 * 1000 / 4)
 2,200 nomad battleships  (22 * 1000 /10)

I can't do battleships either, because there are no pirate ones, so that leaves me with Nomad Battleships (which I can't do on my own Embarassed ) or Fighters.

The fastest way of making Fighter kills is taking missions. It takes me about 10 minutes to complete a mission that kills about 15 ships (I take hard missions because the easy ones would be painfully tedious and not lucrative).

To kill 11,000 fighters (working on an average of 10/15 fighters/minute) it would take me 11,000/10/15 = 16,500 minutes = 275 hours. Assuming heavy game time (which I'm simply unable to put in) of 4 hours per night, it would take over two months of brain-melting mission after mission -- no PvP, no exploration, no interaction with other players, NOTHING BUT MISSIONS. For me (I play one night a week), this would be a whole year of spending 4 hours per day just doing missions.

Edit Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Calculation incorrect. 11,000 fighters @ 15/10 fighters/minute = 122 hours = 1 month of 4 hours per night. For me, who plays one night per week, that would be 30 weeks of doing missions every night, no PvP with anybody, no RP, no nothing. Just mission after mission after mission. It's soul destroying...

... and that's for Bronze! To get Gold, pretty much double everything ...

I'm sure I'll never get this badge, but I think the formula needs to be rebalanced anyway. Of the 869 registered ships on the server, only about 20 qualify for the badge, which makes it so elite that it's bordering on meaningless.

While badges should need hard work, it shouldn't be a proper job...

I would suggest that the formula need tweaking. The gold should still be hard as nails, but the bronze and silver should be more attainable.

What do -you- guys think?

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Verfasst am: 26.10.05 19:17
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nicley calculated and i agree!
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Verfasst am: 26.10.05 20:19
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WOW, I never calculated that Very Happy


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